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Teleconference On Marketing & A Website That Rocks!


CHP Advertising in association with Intergrative Wellness Partner extend an Invitation to

All Entrepreneurs, and Anyone Interested in Powerful Marketing Tips and A Winning Website

to a Marketing Teleconference on February 7 Noon - 1 P.M.

This will be an information packed hour with the things it takes to create a

website that you and your clients will be happy with. Details will be shared on

branding, logo, connecting to who's on the other side of the computer, and more.

A FREE 15 MINUTE SESSION will be offered by Adrian Langford, Integrative

Wellness Partner, to any attendee of this conference. Your private mini-session

with Adrian will help you get clarity on what you need BEFORE you hire a marketing

company or graphics designer. Get your free checklist, and list of Secrets for Evolving

Your Niche.

These Teleconferences are designed with you in mind, helping you grow your business

by giving you tips, ideas, and savvy secrets to make your business grow and thrive in 2013!

Reserve your space! Stay tuned for more deails!

Adrian will introduce Chris Fries, CEO/Owner of CHP Advertising that does web

design, branding, business collateral, graphics and more. Chris will discuss utilizing

a website as one of your most powerful and versatile tools and the easy access

and control you will have for upating your site with changes or additions 24/7.

In order to help you work within your budget, CHP Advertising is now offering

four discounted website package options. 

In future Teleconferences, Chris will share more details of building your website,

getting more exposure, and other tips to make your cyber office or store front more

functional to you and your clients or customers.

There will be time set aside for Q&A.

This is a great opportunity to join us for this powerful Marketing

Teleconference on How to Make Your Business A Success 

in the New Year--for a discounted price of $25 (use the

PayPal Button below). Thank you! And see you at the

Marketing Teleconference February 7.


If you need or want more information on how you can
sign up for this information packed FREE TELECONFERENCE please use our contact form
and choose Teleconference as the subject. 

Reserve your space today!