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Playbook for Couples – Repair, Revitalize and Rekindle Your Relationship

We all have them: relationships! And most of us have experienced the peaks and valleys of being in a relationship. What challenges us is fulfilling relationships and figuring out how to keep the initial spark alive. Adrian Langford, Health & Relationship Coach and Author of Playbook for Couples – Repair, Revitalize and Rekindle Your Relationship, will help you discover the 3R’s with easy to understand guidance, fun quizzes for a relationship check-up, and lots of activity ideas and tips for couples. Plus a free MP3 to help couples rekindle using an Intimacy Practice created and narrated by Charles Carroll, Hypnotherapist and Guest Contributor.

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1. How is your physical condition?
2. What state is your mind in?
3. How is your relationship (spouse or partner)?

Maybe you answered great or good to all three questions. If so, you may not want to read any further.  If you are like most of us, though you probably answered “not so great” to at least one of those questions. You can tilt the scales back in your favor; you can regain your health, well being or improve your relationship. And that’s where I can help. As an Integrative Wellness Partner, I can help you improve your health, diet, fitness or relationship.  I will guarantee as my client, you will:

  • Get a good understanding about your health, condition or relationship that you have not had previously.
  • Get information that will make what seems complicated transformed into simple, doable steps.
  • Gain greater insight to what does and does not work in your particular situation or health condition. You will get the tools to get unstuck and move forward.
  • In less than 3 consultations, you will see and feel positive results plus have more clarity and direction as to what to do make improvements in your health, well-being or relationship.

Any change in your personal well-being takes courage, strength, motivation and support. As my client, your success in being healthier and happier is my goal. It’s that simple.

Health, Diet and Fitness Coaching

Relationship Coaching

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What My Clients Are Saying

This past year I realized I needed to regain my health and well being by evaluating my nutritional needs. I contacted Adrian Langford, Integrative Wellness Partner to explore the best ways that would work for me in dealing with food sensitivities and intolerances. Adrian’s depth of knowledge and expertise in complementary and alternative modalities and wealth of information was a huge benefit to me. With Adrian’s support, I have regained my motivation and better eating habits, allowing me to connect with my body and mind and have better control of my overall health.

I sincerely recommend IWP to anyone seeking a trustworthy and knowledgeable health coach that provides accountability and valuable results.

Susan B., Kensington, Maryland
As an employee of a manufacturing plant, and a member of my company’s Wellness Program, I met Adrian through our corporate Wellness Program. I had never had health coaching before, and it was tremendous to talk to someone who knew about physical fitness, nutrition, and health all rolled into one. Thanks to Adrian’s advice and coaching, I have lost over 50 pounds. I enjoyed all the aspects of the Integrative Wellness Partner’s health and wellness education program onsite at the plant. Ms. Langford brought a great spirit to the Wellness Program, and the experience was wonderful.
Gerald L., Fredericksburg, Virginia
I aspire to be healthy, exercise daily and eat right, and take the best supplements I can. At some point, we all could use a personal health coach and nutritional chef in order to stay on track with being well. I am a single mom who manages a large fitness club, and I am working on my master’s program. It is vital to keep my energy level and immunity system in the best shape possible. I have discovered that the way to do this is by working with a partner–an Integrative Wellness Partner who guides me on stress reduction, high quality supplements, and provides me with nutritional information and food demos and samples that help me maintain a healthy weight. Adrian is my secret for staying well.

She rocks!

Yolanda K., Fredericksburg, Virginia
I came to Adrian suffering from pain, overweight and bewilderment. I’ve tried many diets in my life and virtually all have been unsuccessful, until now. I lost 14 pounds under Adrian’s guidance, and now everything in my closet fits! It’s a great feeling plus, I feel great that my pain is gone.

Thanks, Adrian!

John C., Fredericksburg, Virginia
My health coaching sessions with Adrian have been central to getting me on track for making real lifestyle changes-not just short term fixes. I have been struggling with both weight and fitness issues for years. We focused on creating new habits and taking incremental steps to improve cooking, eating and exercise. Adrian’s wide range of health and nutritional knowledge was an added plus for inspiration and motivation. I was able to move forward and have knee surgery that enabled me to return to one of my passions (biking) and get back to being fit.
David B., Carrboro, North Carolina
A few years ago, I had made the rounds of seeing several doctors, and chiropractors for having no energy, feeling out of sorts, and for being in pain with my back from a car accident. I felt the need to search for answers beyond being on painkillers and antibiotics. That’s when I found Adrian’s website and went to visit her for help. We worked together in discovering ways to deal with my pain, and change my eating habits entirely. Adrian’s health and wellness coaching and nutritional expertise has helped me to transform my life to a much healthier and happier place. The journey back to recovering my health has been challenging, but looking at my now four year old daughter-it has been worth it! Adrian, you’re the best!
Vanessa E., King George, Virginia